Juab School District Calendar Proposal for 2015-16 is open for public input

Parents, students, and patrons,
We are beginning the process of finalizing the school calendar for the 2015-16 school year. We will be taking public input on the school calendar for 2015-16 for the next month.
The calendar is always a challenge, your input is helpful as we try to meet everyone's needs.  Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Dr. Robins



Free Tax Preparation

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Immunization requirements for Kindergarten and 7th grade students for the 2015-16 school year

Parents & guardians,

Please take time to read the immunization requirements for Kindergarten and 7th grade students to attend school in Juab School District 2015-16. There a few new requirements by the state health department for 2015-16. There is also a change in practice within Juab School District. If students do not come to school with appropriate proof of immunization as explained in the letter or the appropriate documentation of exemption, the student will not be allowed to attend school until this is addressed. Any new student wishing to enroll in any school will also need to show proof of immunization before they can attend. State law requires Utah children be appropriately immunized before attending school. We recognize the challenges immunizations can bring to our families. We are hopeful that by providing information as early as possible in the school year, this will help families in making these critical decisions. The district will be working with county health agencies to provide immunizations at registration to assist you as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Juab School District Nurse Cathy Sunderland at 435-623-0328, Juab County Health Department at 435-623-0696, or Juab School District Office at 435-623-1940. If your student is currently enrolled in a Juab School District school and you would like to check their immunization status, please contact the school they attend.


Superintendent Robins

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Dr. Robins on SAGE Data Release

Today, the Utah State Office of Education released the results of the SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) adaptive test in math, language arts, and science that Utah students participated in last spring. This assessment is a computer adaptive test with rigorous interactive questions. This was a substantial change from the criterion-referenced tests given in the past. The SAGE assessment is aligned with post high school readiness expectations and standards. It is not a surprise that with this change, we experienced a decrease in student proficiency percentages across the state including our schools in Juab School District. The definition of proficiency has moved from mastery of content to on track for college and career readiness. Our students are not learning less, and our teachers are not teaching less. The bar has been set higher for our students, and we must help them reach their potential. We now have the baseline to better prepare our students with the skills necessary to reach their college and career goals.
There has been a lot of media attention to this and the impact the new test results may have on school grading in Utah. It is likely that many schools in Utah including our own will be labeled with low grades as school accountability report cards are rolled out this winter. Juab School District has always maintained a high level of academic excellence. We will assess our performance and look for ways to continue to improve and maintain our students' educational experience. I expect our students to continue to achieve in all aspects at a high level. To meet these new higher standards, it will take our collective strengths as parents, educators, and community members to support our children more than ever. We are planning to share individual student report cards with parents at our upcoming parent-teacher conferences in both elementary and secondary schools. If parents would like to obtain their student's report card before parent-teacher conference, they are welcome to pick up a hard copy at their school. I encourage parents to visit with their student's teachers and their school's principal to help them understand the information that is on the report card. I am confident that together we are up to the challenge to prepare our children for the future. The public can view SAGE results at:

"Commitment to Excellence"


New Lunch Online Pay

EZSP FAQflyer2Dear Parent, is a service offered to help both schools and parents. You can use to make payments to your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card (credit or debit). You can also monitor your student's meal account balance online.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How does EZSchoolPay work?
EZSchoolPay allows you to review transaction history, check balance alerts from anywhere. You can make payments on your child's meal account for a small convenience fee.
How do I sign up?
To create an account, go to and click "Register". After answering a few questions, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail and your registration is complete. Once logged in, you can associate your children using their school district name and the child's PowerSchool number.
How will I benefit from EZSchoolPay?
You will not be left to wonder if the check or cash you sent to school actually made it to school, (or perhaps was left in a book bag for two weeks!) Online payments may be done anytime, from any internet computer. Payments are typically available for use within ten minutes.
Can I use EZSchoolPay to check my child's meal account balance?
Yes, balances are updated typically within ten minutes. There is no fee to simply check your child's meal balance.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Visa and Master Card are accepted, either credit or debit.
What is the Convenience Fee?
The convenience fee is charged by your school district. The fee is to cover the normal costs of processing credit card transactions and other costs associated with operating this system. The amount is a flat dollar amount (not a percentage), regardless of the size of your payment and when you pay for multiple children's accounts at the same time, you are only charged one fee.
The fee is included in your total transaction (the amount that will show on your statement). It is not deducted from the amount of your payment – you can be sure that your entire credit amount will be added to your child's meal account.

We hope the availability of this service will be of help in managing your student's lunch account.


Online Registration Forms

Online registrationThis year Juab School District is going to a new Online Registration.  This is the only way to complete these forms.  The web address is:  This online registration form needs to be completed by the start of this school year.  The first day of school is on Tuesday, August 19th.

Please do not hesitate to call your student's school with any questions or if you would like to make an appointment to come in and register at the schools. Phone Numbers: Juab High School: 435-623-1764, Juab Junior High School: 435-623-1541, Mona Elementary: 435-623-2082, Nebo View Elementary: 435-623-1812, and Red Cliffs Elementary: 435-623-0328

For New Students to the District: To complete your registration you must bring the following items to your student's school registrar:

- A valid Birth Certificate
- Immunization Record
- Proof of residency is required. Acceptable documents include current utility bills, a current and signed rental agreement, an approved transfer form, proof of guardianship, or a valid receipt and letter on property letterhead indicating the student is staying in a hotel or rental condo on a long term basis.
- Payment for registration

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Open Enrollment Options for 2014-15

Open Enrollment Options for 2014-15

• All students residing in Juab School District are expected to attend the school in their boundaries established by the Board of Education. Please call the district at 435-623-1940 if you have questions about your address and boundary school. The district also recognizes and supports the concept of open enrollment. Based on individual school capacity, it is the practice of the district to allow open enrollment in grades where the average class size per grade is less than 25 students. If the average class size in a grade exceeds 25 students per class that grade is considered closed. All Juab School District special education programs are closed at this time as enrollment thresholds have been exceeded. Schools and grades that are closed and open are noted below. Enrollment numbers will be updated monthly.

Open enrollment for 2014-15 begins May 2, 2014 and will end August 1, 2014. In the event a grade at a school exceeds the threshold set during open enrollment, students applying for that grade and school will be put on a waiting list at the district. As open positions become available, the district will notify parents that there is a position open in the order they applied. Once a student has been accepted to a school through open enrollment, they are not required to apply for open enrollment again in that school. The contact person for open enrollment questions is Charlene Nielson at 623-1940 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

• Parents wishing to apply for open enrollment at Nebo View Elementary, Red Cliffs Elementary, or Mona Elementary, please fill out the open enrollment form and return it in person to Juab School District at 346 East 600 North, Nephi, Utah. Please allow up to four weeks for notification of acceptance or denial of application. Notification and contact will come from the building principal. Any non-resident student wishing to apply for open enrollment at Juab Junior High School or Juab High School, please apply at the school directly.   Open Enrollment Form (.pdf)

• Transportation to the school of any student accepted for open enrollment is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Mona Elementary School Enrollment

Current Enrollment (4-29-2014)  395 Students
Projected Enrollment Fall 2014    380 Students

Maximum Capacity by Grade 2014

K (2 sessions) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 42 Students/Open
1 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 56 Students/Closed
2 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 50 Students/ Closed
3 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 58 Students/Open
4 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 60 Students/Open
5 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 46 Students/Open
6 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 68 Students/Closed

Nebo View Elementary Enrollment

Current Enrollment (4-29-2014) 327 Students
Projected Enrollment Fall 2014 324 Students

Maximum Capacity by Grade 2014

K (2 sessions) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 45 Students/Open
1 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 52 Students/Closed
2 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 42 Students/Open
3 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 46 Students/Open
4 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 47 Students/Open
5 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 48 Students/Open
6 (2 teachers) 50 Projected Enrollment 2014 44 Students/Open

Red Cliffs Elementary School Enrollment

Current Enrollment as of 5/1/14 544 students
Projected Enrollment Fall 2014 574 students

Maximum Capacity by Grade for 2014

K (4 sections) 100 Projected Enrollment 2014 101 Students/Closed
1 (4 teachers) 100 Projected Enrollment 2014 98 Students/Open
2 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 69 Students/Open
3 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 81 Students/Closed
4 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 77 Students/Closed
5 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 70 Students/ Open
6 (3 teachers) 75 Projected Enrollment 2014 73 Students/Open

Open Enrollment Form (.pdf)


Juab School District Board Strategic Vision 2014-15

The Juab School District Board of Education envisions a learning community working cooperatively to develop the whole child in an atmosphere of excellence characterized by:

  • Students meeting achievement and growth expectations
  • Students actively engaged in higher-order literacy skills
  • Students actively engaged in mathematic, scientific, artistic and extra curricular activities
  • Students actively engaged in citizenship and the founding principles of the nation, state, and     community
  • Students actively engaged in healthy activities
  • Students actively engaged in a safe, technologically modern, and rigorous learning environment that draws upon research based instructional practices supported by a guaranteed and viable curriculum