Section F: Students

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F Section (Students) Index - Students
Policy FA-Equal Educational Opportunities-1
Policy FAC Services for Homeless Students
Policy FBA-Admissions & Attendance
Policy FBA-Exhibit 1 - Affidavit of Natural Parent of Transferring Student
Policy FBA-Exhibit 2 - Affidavit of Responsible Party
Policy FBA-Exhibit 3 - Affidavit of Minor Child Transferring into School District.
Policy FBAA-Adm. &_Attend. Foreign Exc
Policy FBAB-Military Children
Policy FBAC Student Enrollment
Policy FBB-Compulsory Education
Policy FBB-Exhibit A
Policy FBBA-Dual Enrollment
Policy FBF-Admissions and Attendance: Re-Entry into Public Schools
Policy FDA-Vision Screening
Policy FDAB-Health Requirements and Services Immunizations
Policy FDAC-Health Requirements and Services Medical Treatment
Policy FDACB-Health Requirements and Services Student Self-Treatment
Policy FDACC-Health Requirements and Services Students with Potential Life Threatening Allergies
Policy FDACD-Health Requirements and Services Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents
Policy FDAD-Health Requirements and Services Communicable Diseases
Policy FDAE-Student Infected with AIDS, HIV, OR ARC
Policy FDAF Concussion and Head Injury
Policy FDD-Student Welfare Child Abuse
Policy FDE-Wellness Policy Adoption Process
Policy FDEA-Wellness Policy
Policy FE-Student Records Education Records Defined
Policy FEA-Education and Family Privacy
Policy FF-Student Activities
Policy FFA-Student Activities Publications and Prior Review
Policy FFD-Extracur. Act. Non Enrolled Students
Policy FFE-Concussions & Head Injury
Policy FG-Clubs Curricular and Non Curricular Student Groups
Policy FGAA-Student Conduct Demonstrations
Policy FGAB-Student Conduct Policy Interfering Devices and Electronic Communication Devices
Policy FGAC-Bus Conduct
Policy FGAD-Bullying, Cyberbullying & Hazing
Policy FGB-Student Rights and Responsibilities Married Students
Policy FGC-Student Rights and Responsibilities Pregnant Students
Policy FGD-Student Rights and Responsibilities Interrogations and Searches
Policy FGE-Student Rights and Responsibilities Student Complaints
Policy FH-Student Discipline
Policy FHA Safe Schools
Policy FHAA-Exhibit 1
Policy FHAA-Student Conduct Tobacco / Alcohol Controlled & Non-Controlled Substance
Policy FHAB-Safe Schools Sexual Harassment
Policy FHAC-Safe Schools Hazing
Policy FHAE-Safe Schools Disruptive Student Behavior
Policy FHD Relations With Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Authories
Policy FI-Student Fees
Policy FIA-School Fund Raisers
Policy FJ-Students Leaving with Adults
Policy FK - School Student Uniforms
Policy FL-Technology Acceptable Use Agreement
Policy FLA - Student Technology Handbook
Policy FLA-Exhibit A (iPad Pledge)
Policy FLA-Exhibit B (Acceptance Form)