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7th Graders-Schedule your CCR Plan Conference with Mrs. Robins

You are invited to sign up for  7th grade CCR Plan Conference with Mrs. Robins.

Date: Feb. 6, Feb. 13, or Feb. 20, 2014.  Conference will last 15 minutes.

Place: JJHS Main Office

Registration Deadline:  End of day before each conference day.

To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:

At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should enter 6T1148195

If you do not have internet access, please call the main office 623-1541.

I am looking forward to meeting with you!


College Tour Assembly

Thank you to University of Utah for visiting our school in January! We are excited to Welcome Dixie State University on February 28, 2014!

State and Education Representatives Visit

JJHS Math-1-11-14The Juab Junior High School was privileged to have our State and Education Representatives visit our school last Friday. They came and looked at the Utah Middle School Math Project and how we use Technology with it. They were impressed with the things we are doing at Juab Jr. High School.

**Here is the link to The Salt Lake Tribune that has the article and more pictures about our school.


Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Whopping Cough


College and Career Readiness Plan Conference

College and Career Readiness Conferences will be conducted throughogout the 2013-14 school year.  This conference will replace the SEOP conference that is usually held in the spring.  Please plan on a 15-20 minute visit with Mrs. Robins.  I am excited to help further your child's college and career plans.  I am looking forward to meeting with you! Please call if you have any questions- 623-1541.


Mrs. Robins

JJHS Counselor 


College and Career Readiness

Are you College and Career Ready?  This year at JJHS our focus is to help prepare our students with essential skills and academic knowledge to be college and career ready.  We are very excited to kick off our "College Tour"  assemblies with the Thunderbirds from Southern Utah University!  They will be here to visit our school on Wednesday, September 18.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Robins.

"College Tour" Assembly Schedule

September 18, 2013 - Southern Utah University

October 16, 2013 - Snow College

November 7, 2013 - Mountainland Applied Technology College



Students Logging into the Internet at Home

This year Juab Junior High School is using a different Mobile Device Management System (MDM) on the 7th and 8th Grade iPods and iPads. One of the new features with this new system is that the iPods and iPads are filtered at the school, home and all other places. This has made it a little harder to log into the Internet and has caused some frustration. We are sorry for the inconvenience. With a new system there is always a few bugs to work out. Please be patient.

Here are some steps to help you log into the internet at home.

1.  Restart your iPod / iPad

  1. Hold down the top button (Sleep/Wake Button) for 10 seconds.
  2. On the screen, slide to power off
  3. Wait until it is shut off.
  4. Hold down the top button to start the iPod / iPad up.

2.  Set Up WiFi

  1. Select the Settings Icon
  2. On the left side select Wi-Fi
  3. Choose your Home Network
  4. Type in your Password
  5. Make sure their is a check mark in front of your home wifi.

3.  Logging into Safari (Web Browser)

  1. Click the Home Button (Bottom Button)
  2. Select Safari Icon
  3. Surf to a web site Example:,, or
  4. While you are trying to surfing a Blue Webpage will come up. It is Mobile Login Webpage.
  5. Type in your User Name: lastnamefirstname Lower case and no spaces.
  6. Type in your Password: This is 6 digits with numbers and letters. This was given out at registration. If you forgot your password you can go to the JJHS Computer Lab to get it again.
  7. Select Server: JJHS Student Server
  8. Select Login
  9. If successful a Google Search Webpage will come up. Now you can surf the Internet. You will be required to log back into the Blue Mobile Login WebPage after 1 hour of inactivity.
  10. If not successful, repeat steps.

If you have questions please contact the school.


Student Usernames and Passwords

When you live in a digital world it seems like you have a million usernames and passwords. Well it is no different with the students in the junior high school this year. Each junior high school student has 4 different usernames and passwords. Students and parents should record these login credentials and keep them in a safe place. This article may help in clearing up some of the confusion.

Students can log into email on their iPod/iPads or go to and select Student Email Login under the Parents/Students Section.
User Name: (Example) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Password: 6 digits either numbers or letters

iPod/iPad Internet Login
So the filtering will work effectively on the iPod/iPad student will need to log in so they can use the Internet at home. (Outside the school's network)
Username: (Example) lastnamefirstname With no spaces or capital letters.
Password: Same as email password. 6 digits either numbers or letters

Logging into School Computers
It is the same as the iPod/iPad Internet Login.
Username: (Example) lastnamefirstname With no spaces or capital letters.
Password: Same as email password and iPod/iPad Internet Login. 6 digits either numbers or letters

PowerSchool Username and Password
Students can log into PowerSchool to view live scores, grades, assignments, attendance and more. To login go to and select PowerSchool Login under the Parents/Students Section.
Username: Numbers and Letters
Password: Numbers

Apple ID
Students will use this Apple ID on the App Store, iBook Store, and iTunes Store. The Apple ID is private and should not be shared.
Username: Student or Parent Email Address
Password: 8 digits or more with upper & lower case letters and numbers. This is created by the student and parents.

If you have questions on any usernames and passwords please contact the school.


Juab Junior High School 1:1 Device Program

Juab Junior High School recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for college, work, life, and citizenship. We are committed to helping students develop 21st-century technology and communication skills. To that end, we provide access to technologies for student and faculty use.

As part of Juab Junior High School's ongoing efforts to provide all the tools necessary to prepare our students for excelling in the 21st century, all students are in a 1:1 device program.

This year Juab Junior High School is using a different mobile device management system. This MDM has many great features like strict filtering on internet site whether the student is at school or home, a custom App Store that only installs apps approved for 12 year olds and younger, a custom app store that only allows approved apps and not games, and wireless management. On the other hand with a new MDM comes some growing pains. There will be some minor issues, but we will be committed to solve them as quick as possible. Thanks for your patients.

Setting Up An Apple ID
JJHS teachers and administrators have established a set of iPod/iPad apps. Some of the apps are free and some will cost money. The paid apps will be provided to JJHS students at no cost. The paid apps will belong to each student's Apple ID. These apps will be installed on the student's devices during the year. Students must have a personal Apple ID account in order to install and update these apps.

What is an Apple ID?
An Apple ID is the login you use for just about everything you do with Apple, including downloading apps from the App Store and accessing iCloud to store your content. You will not need a separate account for all these things, just one Apple ID.

You may already have an Apple ID that you use for private use or your parent or family member has one. If not, the steps how to create an Apple ID for you to use for school are included below. Please note it is not necessary to have a credit card linked to your school Apple ID.

It should also be pointed out that students must be at least 13 years old to create an Apple ID. Parents of students who are younger than 13 should create an Apple ID with their student and observe the installation of applications on their child's behalf.

Parents of students under the age of 13 will need to share the Apple ID and Password with their student, so they can install apps onto the iPod/iPad during the school day that will be needed for classroom instruction and activities. This shared Apple ID will allow parents to monitor and control which apps are being installed onto the iPad.

If parents don't have access to the Internet they can come to the school and receive help on setting up an Apple ID.

School personnel will help with setting up Apple ID, but Apple ID passwords are strictly private and only students and parents should know it.


2013 -2014 Bell Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


1st    8:00 - 8:45
2nd    8:49 - 9:34
3rd    9:38 - 10:23
Tut/HR    10:27 - 10:53
4th   10:57 - 11:42
Lunch   11:42 - 12:17
5th   12:17 - 1:02
6th   1:06 - 1:51
7th   1:55 - 2:40


Thursday Early Out


1st   8:00 - 8:38
2nd   8:42 - 9:20
3rd   9:24 - 10:02
Tut/HR   10:06 - 10:36
4th   10:40 - 11:18
5th   11:22 - 12:00
Lunch   12:00 - 12:35
6th   12:35 - 1:13
7th   1:17 - 1:55






As an administration, faculty, and staff, we want to recognize our students for all the great things they do to contribute to a wonderful educational experience.  Thank you for all your efforts in making Juab Junior High a great place to be.

     1.“Team Wasp – Balance the Power” Recognition Cards

-Students have the opportunity to earn a “Team Wasp” card for showing good character and citizenship at school.  This program is set up to reward students who are making good efforts to help make our school a better place to be.  This reward is given by teachers and presented to the students in front of their peers by the principal and counselor.  The students receive various prizes and a certificate of recognition.

2.   The “Wheel”

- This program is set up to reward those students who are positive citizens in their respective classrooms.  It is valuable to have students on time and in their seats when the bell rings, completing and turning in assignments on time, and filling our their student planners each week.  When a student exhibits these behaviors they are eligible to spin “The Wheel” for prizes during lunch on Thursdays.  Teachers will award spin passes as they see students demonstrating good citizenship.

            3.  Buzz Club

-All students have the opportunity to earn their membership into the Buzz Club.  Eligibility is determined by your grades.  To be eligible a student must earn a minimum of 4 A’s and 3 B’s in their Effort Grades and have no NG’s in their Academic or Overall Grades.

Buzz Club Activities

-       Membership will be posted in the office window at the end of each term.

-       Activities and/or rewards will be scheduled for each term.  The JJHS Parent Board sponsors the rewards and activities for all Buzz Club events.

-       The “End of Year Activity” will be a reward for those students that have been a member of the Buzz Club in at least 3 out of 4 terms throughout the school year.  Students who need membership in the 4th term to be eligible for the End of Year Activity will need to be eligible for Buzz Club on a specific date announced by the office in April.

BULLYING – Definition: When a student or group of students purposely does something to someone else that would:

1.Hurt their feelings.
2.Hurt them physically.
3.Embarrass them.
4.Shame them.

Bullying is all about power and control.  Those who bully are trying to gain power and control over those they are bullying.  We at Juab Jr. High School do not tolerate bullying in any of its many forms.  Our goal is to BALANCE THE POWER, which gives that power back to all of the students that attend our school.


Cell phones may be used before or after school and during lunch.  The rest of the time they need to be turned off.  If they are used at any other time or if they go off during class, they will be taken and your parent or guardian will have to come and pick them up.  If there is reasonable suspicion that a phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Tablet, or other electronic device contains materials that are deemed harmful or inappropriate to any student or if students are using these devices as a means to access inappropriate material on the internet or to break school rules, they will confiscated and / or searched.  Harmful and inappropriate materials may include but is not limited to pornography, suggestive pictures, and cyber bullying.




It is important that students are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Activities, discussions, simulations, and presentations take place every day and cannot be duplicated even by after-school instruction or makeup work.  Educational achievement comes through class participation as well as by assignments, projects, and tests.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify school officials of legitimate absences.  Legitimate absences are defined by the State of Utah as: verified illnesses, medical appointments, bereavement, court appearances, emergencies, pre-approved educational leave, and special family or religious events.


Making school a safe place is a top priority at our school.  Behavior which jeopardizes the physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing of any student, will not be tolerated.  All students have the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. The right to learn and the responsibility to avoid interfering with the teaching and learning of others.
  2. The right to personal property and the responsibility to respect the property of others.
  3. The right to positive personal feelings and the responsibility to avoid behavior that will diminish the self esteem of others.
  4. Go where you are supposed to go, be there when you are supposed to be there, and do what you are supposed to be doing.
  5. Students should be on time, prepared, and ready to begin learning when the bell rings.
  6. Students should follow all directions given to them.
  7. Do not bring to school nuisance items, and/or toys of anything that distracts in theThe school is not responsible if these items are stolen, lost, or damaged.
  8. Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, cameras, etc…) unless it is school issued may only be used before school, during lunch, or after school.
  9. Students may not sell merchandise at school or on school property.
  10. Students not enrolled at JJHS may not attend school as guests.
  11.  All deliveries to students must be made through the office.
  12. Running is allowed only in appropriate areas of the school.
  13. The school administration may establish additional rules and guidelines for the benefit and safety of all.



At the end of each term students will receive 3 grades in each class.  An ACADEMIC grade that reflects how they have performed on the Standards of the Utah State Core Curriculum, an EFFORT grade that reflects their attitude and effort in each class and then an OVERALL grade that is a combination of their Academic and Effort grades.

Academic Grade

The Academic Grade is based on an accumulation of weighted points from assessments, projects, presentations, etc… that are directly aligned with the Core Curriculum for that specific class.

            A = Above Mastery / Substantial

            B = Mastery / Proficient

            C = Basic Proficiency

            NG = No Grade / Below Proficiency (Learning Standards not met)

Effort Grade

The Effort Grade is based on participation, assignments, preparation, cooperation, attendance, and showing respect in the classroom.

            A = Consistently EXCEEDS Expectations
            B = Consistently MEETS Expectations
            C = Inconsistently Meets Expectations
            NG = No Grade / Does NOT Meet Expectations

Overall Grade

The Overall Grade is a combination of the Academic Grade and the Effort Grade.


Emergency Evacuation Plan











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